CMX-020 can be delivered intravenously in a hospital setting and orally


Cmxtwenty is a Milwaukee-based pharmaceutical company focused on development of a non-narcotic treatment for pain using a unique lipid molecule called CMX-020. This molecule is an analog of arachidonic acid with a multi-modal mechanism of action, including CB1, CB2, Melatonin MT1, Adenosine A3, kappa- and delta-opioid, and TRPV1 receptors. Unlike opioid pain therapeutics, CMX-020 does not activate the mu-opioid receptor that produces respiratory depression, addiction, and death.

Based on research from the Medical College of Wisconsin (Terashvili, 2008), we believe the unique mechanism of action of CMX-020 is focused in the spinal cord like epidural analgesia. The lipid chemistry of CMX-020 was synthesized to mimic the analgesia of the endogenous lipid 14,15-EET, found in the periaqueductal gray area of the brain. This research demonstrated that the analgesia of 14,15-EET is activated by a release of β-endorphins and met-enkephalin in the supraspinal neurons and in the spinal cord fluid (CSF). This attenuates sodium (Na+) currents in the spinal cord and shuts down peripheral pain signals ascending to the brain, thus blocking the conscious realization of pain.

In childbirth, epidural analgesia provides rapid pain relief that allows the mother to be pain-free, while also allowing her to feel the sensation of pressure and push with uterine contractions. With CMX-020, this mechanism of action in the spinal cord produces analgesia in which clinical subjects cannot discern a “drug feel,” even in association with the highest doses of intravenous CMX-020. Furthermore, CMX-020 establishes this analgesic effect via intravenous and oral administration rather than via the traditional method of syringe injection in the spinal cord. As far as we know, there are currently no intravenous or oral drugs available with this unique mechanism of action. CMX-020 can be delivered intravenously in a hospital setting and orally. Cmxtwenty maintains international patent filings on CMX-020 through 2034.


The CMX-020 chemistry was initially developed in 2007 around research at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Our research demonstrated that the analgesic properties of 14,15-EET found endogenously in the periaqueductal grey area (PAG) of the brain (the primary control center for descending pain modulation) performed like morphine in the rat tail-flick assay and activated the expression of beta-endorphin and met-enkephalin. (Terashvili et al, 2008). CMX-020 was designed to mimic the pharmacology of the 14,15-EET. The company has been funded by angel investors.


Lane Brostrom, PhD, MBA

Chairman and CEO

Lane manages personnel, strategy, science, finance, administration, intellectual property, and daily operations for Cmxtwenty. As Managing Director of TechStar from 2001-2006, he facilitated the launch of 12 biomedical companies originating from university research.

David Stowe, MD, PhD*

Board Member

Dr. Stowe is a practicing anesthesiologist and Professor of Anesthesiology and Physiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Dr. Stowe has served as scientific advisor, medical monitor, and clinical advisor to the Cmxtwenty since 2008.

Frank Castellana, MD, Eng. ScD*

Board Member

Dr. Castellana is a former Vice President of World Wide Medicines Group for Bristol-Myers Squibb and assisted in the acquisitions of new drug candidates. Dr. Castellana is a key authority in clinical development strategies: market analysis, target product profile (TPP), and valuation.

J.R. (Camille) Falck, PhD*

Board Member

Dr. Falck was instrumental in discovery of the CMX-020 chemistry. Camille is actively involved in the CMX-020 synthesis development and manufacturing. Dr. Falck is Distinguished Chair in Chemistry and Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Texas Southwestern.

John Luellwitz, BBA

Board Member

John assists with managing Board activities and oversees key financial relationships, including shareholders and Cmxtwenty’s Australian subsidiary. Mr. Luellwitz is a former Director of Business Development with Ernst & Young in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Eckhart Grohmann, PhD

Board Member

Dr. Grohmann is the former chairman and president of Milwaukee’s Aluminum Casting & Engineering Co., a firm he acquired in 1965 and sold in 2007. He earned a Diplom Kaufmann (MBA) from the University of Mannheim and an honorary Doctor of Engineering degree from MSOE.

David Harder, PhD*

Board Member

Dr. Harder is University Research Professor of Medicine at the University of Maine. Previously, Dr. Harder held a succession of positions at the Medical College of Wisconsin, including Professor of Physiology, Medicine and Pediatrics, Associate Dean and Kohler Co. Endowed Chair in Cardiovascular Research. Dr. Harder is in the top 5 percent of funded investigators by NIH over the past 25 years.

Dennis Torkko, BBA, CPA

Vice President

Dennis was a partner at Arthur Andersen for 22 years in Milwaukee and Chicago and continues as a serial entrepreneur specializing in the healthcare sector. He has extensive experience with the FDA and FCC, media and communications, and finance.


Board Member

Dr. Ziegler is a practicing anesthesiologist and Managing Director & Director of Anesthesiology and Critical Care at Mountain Anesthesia, Park City, Utah, Director of Clinical Affairs – Capital Region, Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Ivins, Utah, Managing Partner Premier Healthcare Partners, Park City, Utah and Senior Medical Director at Promedin Ltd., UK. Dr. Ziegler is a noted pain management authority, researcher, lecturer and author.

*Member – Cmxtwenty Science Advisory Committee

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